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EduTesla opens doors to the world's leading universities - discover, apply, and achieve academic success with our intuitive global platform.

Who we are ?

EduTesla is your comprehensive online gateway to higher education. Founded by a dedicated team passionate about education and technology, we aim to simplify and streamline the process of finding and enrolling in international university programs. With an extensive, user-friendly database of universities and their respective majors and a personalized support system, we make the process of choosing and applying to a university straightforward and efficient. At EduTesla, we go beyond providing information - we create opportunities for students worldwide to access quality education.

What we provide

  • EduTesla introduces students to the diverse academic landscape .
  • Our platform simplifies the application process for universities around the world .
  • We provide key resources for understanding and adapting to life in various countries .
  • Students receive personalized guidance from experienced advisors throughout their global academic journey .
  • Explore


    EduTesla offers a wide range of universities and majors from around the globe, opening up diverse academic paths for students .

  • Apply


    With EduTesla, students can apply to multiple international universities at once, simplifying the application process.

  • Plan


    We provide practical resources to help students navigate life in various countries, offering cultural insights, accommodation guidance, and visa assistance.

  • Support


    Our experienced advisors offer personalized guidance, ensuring students are supported every step of the way in their global education journey.