Start Studying in Turkey!

Let’s get you started with some information about Turkey and its educational system. We’re going to mention quickly some of the reasons that make Turkey a suitable place to study.
Educational system in Turkish Universities is one of the most practical and most used systems in the world
The quick growth of Turkish universities leads to precede many European universities
The foreign students, in particular, are granted a lot of advantages by the Private Turkish Universities
You can click the blue phrase below to read the detailed article about the reasons why Turkey is choice number 1 for students who seek a good education;

10 Reasons make you study in Turkey

Great, you have taken an idea of the most important reasons for choosing Turkey as a well-suitable place to study. What is next?

Step of Choosing the University

When you try to choose between 193 Turkish universities, there would be several criteria to be put in the consideration; University location, the language of study, the possibilities which are offered by the University, and so many reasons.
EDU TESLA for Educational Services is pleased to provide you, after conducting an evaluation for the Turkish universities, a collection of:

The most suitable private universities in Turkey

You can know them and their majors (BA, MA, PHD)

What is the next step if I decide to start studying in Turkey ?

Well, since you have chosen the major you are interested in, you may proceed to the actual steps of “Studying in Turkey” with the assistance of our team, which will be pleased to help and guide you to apply for the university you may select based on our consultations. It’s All for Free!
You have reached the most important step; the actual step to apply to study in Turkey through us. Our team will provide you a free admission to the private Turkish University you like (you just need to fill out the application form)

“Application Form”

Simply fill out the Registration Form, then our team will communicate with you when the registration opens at your desired university. Upon confirmation of your application, the admission will be guaranteed for you within a week to a maximum of two weeks, as we are official agents of the private Turkish universities. We have good relations and an extensive network within the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

What is the next? I have filled the application form.

Great, as we told you, when you fill the registration form we will contact you to confirm your request, then you will be granted your admission sent to you on your email












A translated copy of your secondary school certificate showing the grades (English or Turkish )
A copy of your passport
Students who want to apply to the private universities do not have to do the exam, the admission will be through secondary school certificate

A translated copy of your secondary school certificate showing the grades (English or Turkish )
A translated copy of your BA certificate
A translated copy of your BA transcript
A copy of your passport

A translated copy of your secondary school certificate showing the grades (English or Turkish)
A translated copy of the BA certificate
A translated copy of the BA transcript
A translated copy of the MA certificate with the transcript
A copy of your passport
There are two languages; English and Turkish (depending on the major)
Unfortunately, it is not available in Istanbul, however, Gazi Antap Public University provide that currently only for Syrian students
The language proficiency certificate is not a requirement, however, the university will book a seat for you to prepare you to attend language course

Sure, you are allowed to do so, the University is responsible to equalize all course you have completed, accordingly, you can continue your study after setting your schedule
We do not take any fees for the admission, it is completely free because we are agents of our contractors of the private Turkish universities

Most of the public universities have requirements for accepting students, including certain exams, moreover, the admission to them is not guaranteed.

Yes, of course, there is a special students’ housing for males and females, whether inside or outside the universities’ campuses outside

It varies between 100 to 200 US$ per month.

Of course, you can live privately, but we advise you to live in student housing to gain more knowledge about different cultures, the Turkish culture, in particular.

It differs from person to another; however, it is between 150 to 250 US$ per month.

We have chosen the best private Turkish universities for you, please Click here to have an access to them.