EDU TESLA – International Education Consulting

EDU TESLA Educational Services Company appeared in 2014 in Konya city and expanded its student work in 2018 AD in Istanbul, in addition to its new branch that opened in Yemen, Egypt and Iraq at the beginning of the year 2020AD.

EDU TESLA holds numerous certificates in the quality of academic advice, numerous awards, honorary certificates, and accreditation by many universities, educational institutions, and student unions.

EDU TESLA is the first company that puts in its priorities helping foreign students in general and Arab students in particular by offering academic facilities and exceptional study discounts for students who want to study in Turkey in particular, through extensive experiences and the continuous endeavor to provide the best on the academic and university levels through a system of distinctive academic guidance and purely scientific It depends on experts in this field and on information extracted from the experiences of previous students and continuous analysis of the level of universities by all standards and away from the commercial or traditional method, and thus we reduce and save them the trouble of research and the large number of inaccurate information, which leads them to what they seek in the shortest possible period, our service includes All educational and academic levels (pre-university, bachelors, masters, doctorate)

Our vision

The first company in the Middle East to provide study services in Turkey for Arab and foreign students with professionalism and experience for more than five years in Turkey and Europe.

Advantages of applying through EDU TESLA for educational services

– Our services are free because we are agents of private universities and we are not intermediaries.
– Our services have fixed fees to guarantee admission to private universities.
– Support in obtaining Turkish and completion of residency procedures.
– Provide a free phone line and health insurance for treatment in government and private hospitals.
– We deliver to you transportation card and special discounts for our students.
– help you find the right accommodation for you and your family.
– Free counseling during your studies in Turkey.

Know this team for ages… and sure for 100% that everyone will love them. With their support, you definitely feel like you are at home with your best friends. They treat you anytime you need them. According to my experience, they’ve become my lovely family. All these amazing people are going to be your future family as well, cuz they know what you need when you are far away from your native town/country or continent.
Nataliia Kin
Though brief, my time with edutesla was fantastic. I am extremely satisfied with the quality and range of services provided and am very grateful for all the assistance they provided before and during my application process, as well as their diligence during the visa application process. I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to look to pursue their education in Turkey. 🙂
Abdullahi Manir
The service is vary good and mr Ammar was so cooperative and patient with me ..i am so so satisfied with all the services she provided me with .. thank you all
Ryad Ali
I had a very good experience with this office; the best thing about dealing with them is that they are always transparent and honest. I wish them really great success as they give so much and take a little compared to other places.
Hassan Al-samawi